Online Puppet Group

Wednesdays 18.30-20.00

26th May

2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th June

We will use the first two sessions to share time making our puppets together then use these in our explorations of voice for the remaining four.

Why are we (adults) using puppets you may ask?

Glad you asked!:

  • Using puppets we can explore physicality in the limited space of the screen. Virtual work can feel like it limits how much we can bring the body to session. Puppets are a creative medium to meet this challenge. Voice and body are so very intertwined, so bringing the body to session is invaluable;
  • Using puppets we can engage with different facets of our voices, associating these with the different character, style, embodiment of each puppet;
  • The metaphor of the puppet can give us permission to be silly, and go some way to avoiding the feeling that we have to sound “good” all the time. It also mean we can choose how much personal stuff we share, and have the opportunity to explore things through our puppets, rather than needing to share explicitly with others when we do not feel able to.

Price – sliding scale up to £15/session. You will not be turned away for lack of funds.

This is an online group.

This video shows T and myself exploring some of the things we can do with puppets. In the video I’m more a group participant than a therapist though; to give you an idea of the difference, I expect in session that I’ll be using instruments more, which will help hold the group together as we and our puppet characters inter-relate.

Email or use the “contact” page to get involved!

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