Phoenix Song Project

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Voicework groups for trans and non-binary people to explore and experiment with their voices in a safe and supportive space.

At the present time all indoor groups are on hold in line with social distancing measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus covid-19.

However, I am continuing to work virtually, and am currently planning our next therapeutic groups.

I also continue to offer virtual one-to-one work. And you can still express interest to be contacted once indoor groups resume.

Group singing is a pretty high risk activity these days ( – in Phoenix Song groups we are breathing enthusiastically in close proximity to eachother and normally in a confined space. I therefore expect running these groups to be one of the later things to return to “normal” in my professional life.

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact me. I will endeavour to get back to you within a week:

The voicework I offer is based on our experience of voice, and the relationship between our voice and sense of self. I share knowledge and techniques from a music background, and information about looking after our voices. We then have time to experiment using these techniques (or something else) as a springboard, and to reflect on our experiments. There’s plenty to learn for many of us about how we can access and use different parts of our voice, and these can equip us to change how we use our voices.