Phoenix Song Project Job Opportunity: Design Logo and Imagery

Wanted: trans or non-binary designer/visual artist

Phoenix Song Project are looking to hire someone to create an original logo and larger image for the project.

Logo: The core of this should be an image of the phoenix taking flight. We currently use this image, and like the way it suggests flame without showing a fire, and the use of rich and vivid colours – we would like to retain these qualities in the logo. This image to be square for ease of use on social media profiles. Key words: phoenix, flight, fiery.

Larger image: The larger image will be used on websites and social media, e.g. as cover image on Facebook, but should also lend itself to use on more traditional forms of advertising e.g. be poster friendly. Use of colour will be more limited. To include: figures – a diversity of people engaging as a group; a representation of sound – a visual depiction of sound such as in ripples or waves (not musical notes), a suggestion that sound is being produced vocally e.g. mouths may be open, sounds may be depicted from figures’ mouths. Key words: people, diversity, sound.

Pay: fixed at £200

If the job is highly competitive we may request a test piece – if this happens we will make a small, fixed payment in consideration of your time.

If selected, we will keep in contact through so time can be used efficiently – we do not want you to end up being paid less than you would expect for your time and aim to assist this with clear communication. We will talk through the brief in detail with you and answer any questions before asking for sketches, and feedback around these before moving onto final designs.

The work will need to be completed by late June, but have flexibility within this how you structure this piece of work around any other commitments, be these work, rest, or play.

Please apply by expression of interest and attachment or link to your portfolio. Please email Francis: Closing date: 30th April (30/04/2021).

Please use the same email address to get in touch with any questions, contact us via our social media, or phone 07542 877517.