Developing Phoenix Song – Get Involved

Trans and nonbinary people of Bristol, I would like to have conversations with you!

Friends of the Phoenix Song Project, please share this around your networks.

From the beginning my intention was to move Phoenix Song forward in a way that we shaped together. While the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic has drastically limited our opportunities to sing together, we can still have these conversations to make sure the project is rooted in our community.

I had been planning to hold a development day at which we could come together to explore these areas, but this is not possible in current circumstances.

I’m planning to have a virtual meeting in mid to late July to talk about both how we use our voices together, and how we structure Phoenix Song as a project. I’m happy also to be in contact via email if this is more accessible for you.

As well as honing in on the shape of our project in Bristol, the pandemic has given me more time for writing, and I hope to write up this development work in a way that could be published and contribute to best practice with communities beyond our city.

I invite you to get in touch to get involved with this conversation. You are welcome to ask questions, and I can map out more fully what I’m envisioning this development process to look like.

Contact details here.